Cellphones may protect brain from Alzheimer’s Disease

by Paul Martin -

Cellphones may protect brain from Alzheimer's DiseaseThis is an interesting twist of events that surprised even the researchers at the University of South Florida.  Cellphone radiation may be good for you and bad for you at the same time.  Tests on mice suggest that long-term cellphone use might actually help to fend off some of the effects of Alzheimer’s disease.

The findings are exactly the opposite of what they expected to find.  They say that exposure to electromagnetic waves from cellphones could both prevent some of the effects of Alzheimer’s if the exposure is introduced in early adulthood, or potentially even reverse some of the impairment among those already memory-impaired.

Tests are still in the earliest stages, but the researchers plan to modify the experiment to expedite results.  It might be expanded to include human testing, and ultimately new techniques to treat Alzheimer’s disease.

“It (the electromagnetic wave) prevents the aggregation of that bad protein of the brain,” Arendash said. “The findings are intriguing to us because they open up a whole new field in neuroscience, we believe, which is the long-term effects of electromagnetic fields on memory.”

You can read more about this development on Yahoo News

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