Boy saves Sister with CPR, learned from ‘Black Hawk Down’

by Paul Martin -

I don’t know how a boy as young as nine had seen the film Black Hawk Down, but in any event, it helped him to save the life of his little sister who had fallen into a pool.  The story is simple.  He had watched Black Hawk Down and saw a scene with CPR featured.  He then asked his parents to teach him how to do it, which they did.  When an emergency situation happened, he snapped into action without really thinking about what he was doing, and saved his sister’s life.

Tristan Saghin is the boy, who wants to be a medic when he grows up.  His two-year-old sister Brooke fell into a swimming pool and wasn’t breathing when her mom pulled her out of the water.  Tristan quickly urged their grandmother to call 911 as he went to work on the CPR.

Tristan’s dad, Chris, says Tristan told him, “‘I really didn’t think. I just knew I had to do something.’ ”

“You don’t expect that to ever come to a place where it saves your daughter,” Saghin says. “He feels proud that he did it, and we tell him, ‘We’re real proud of you.’ ” (via)

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