Boston Lawmakers urged to make Defibrillators a School Requirement

by Paul Martin -

Two-and-a-half years after her heart stopped for almost an hour, bus driver Laura Geraghty said Monday she would have died if it weren’t for an automatic external defibrillator on the grounds of Newton South High School and some timely CPR.

“That defibrillator and that CPR is what saved my life,” Geraghty, of North Attleboro, told lawmakers, describing her sudden heart failure during a school bus run that took her to the Newton school in April 2009.

Today, Geraghty is urging lawmakers to require schools to carry defibrillators for the rare but critical moments they’re needed to save a life. Geraghty spoke at a hearing of the Legislature’s Committee on Public Health on behalf of a bill that would require schools to have an “on-site” defibrillator.

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