Big Red Fire Engine

by Paul Martin -

ProCPR Fire Engine

If you live in West Michigan, and are ever on the North East side of Grand Rapids, Michigan, you may see a somewhat old school looking Fire Engine in the front of a random building. It’s not just any building, but the ProCPR Corporate Offices.  That’s right, we’ve aquired a real fire engine. This one’s been out of commission for some time, but we thought it’d be a great tool to help educate people on the need for life saving skills. Fire Engines are pretty awesome, and lets admit it, it is pretty cool. Kids love them, and they’re really cool.

ProCPR Fire Engine

We hope that you get a chance to enjoy this fire engine if you see it in parades, or just happen to be in the area and drive past. One thing’s for sure, you’ll probably be seeing a lot more of it in the future!


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