Best of Scrubs: My Occurrence

by Paul Martin -

Here’s the third segment in our series of the Best of Scrubs. This time, it deals with test results that could effect the life of someone you really care about.

Giving someone news that could forever change their lives can be a scary thing. On the one hand, it could be for the positive, and that would be the ideal situation. But on the other hand, it could be earth shattering news that devastates them. This episode deals with Dr. Dorian finding out some news, and hoping that a mistake was made.

Jordan’s brother Ben (Brendan Fraser) comes into the hospital after piercing his hand with a nail-gun; however Dr. Cox and J.D. later become worried when his hand will not stop bleeding. J.D. therefore decides to wait before informing Ben of his positive blood test result, and asks the lab to check the result. They do so over a montage accompanied by “Hold on Hope” by Guided by Voices

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