A couple of months ago, we received word that costs were skyrocketing on the cards that instructors purchase to give to their students in CPR classes. The cost increase lead us to redesign our instructor program into the new ProTrainings Instructor Network. This is a new program for CPR Instructors.

We decided to rethink how it should work to best fit your needs as an instructor. We thought about what it would be like to build a program for instructors as if nothing like it had existed before. We spoke to many instructors, looking for ways that we could best help with their businesses.

Here’s how it works.

Rather than paying upfront for cards and books, you’re simply charged a monthly subscription starting at only $49 a month. The subscription rates are based on the number of students you train over the course of a year, and costs are spread out to make it easier for you to budget. We like to look at it as “intelligent pricing.”

If you’d like to see what your savings will look like, we have a simple calculator, to help put your savings into perspective, and show just how much more you will make for your business. Enter the number of students you teach, on average, over the course of a year, and pick your current costs per card. You’ll see a few things, including what your new cost would be with ProTrainings.

If you’re a current instructor, with a major competing instructor network, you’re able to be bridged over to ProTrainings quickly and easily.

Let’s save lives together. Let’s give you back your autonomy. Join us. A fully accredited in all fifty state training program that has your best interest in mind. Because life matters.

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