Another Living Reminder to learn CPR

by Paul Martin -

Steve Allison is a man that owes his life to the life preserving technique of CPR, but prior to June of last year he wouldn’t have believed it was possible.

He kept active, riding his bike 12 miles each day from a bus stop to his job, to prepare for his third Seattle-to-Portland bike ride.  Last June, however, the unthinkable occurred.  He got to work, got changed into his work clothes, walked into the office and the next thing that happened, which he doesn’t remember much of: he did a face-plant into the counter.

A co-worker saw it happen.  Rick Miller did CPR for about five minutes before the fire department arrived.  They used an AED on him three times.

He had suffered a heart attack.  Two weeks later, he was back at work.

Part of what makes this story intriguing is that Rick Miller wasn’t scheduled to come in until later that day, and Steve Allison, the victim, didn’t have the heart attack until he was at work and not somewhere along the bike trail or during the bus ride.

Now, Miller is a trained CPR instructor with the American Red Cross, and Allison is an example of the potential to save lives with CPR.


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