Adorable pool rescue to make your day!

by Elizabeth Shaw -


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You thought the fireman┬áresuscitating a kitten was adorable? Wait until you witness this heartwarming rescue. Rick Gruber, a pool repairman in Phoenix, Arizona found a little ground squirrel floating in a pool near where he was working. Rather than fishing it out and dumping it in the weeds, he tried to resuscitate it with compressions. Lucky for this little munchkin, he was revived and able to scamper back off into the wild after recovering in Gruber’s comfy knee pad. Though this is rare occurance, the same concepts apply for pet CPR. If you have any kind of pet, it is a good idea to know pet first aid and CPR in case an emergency happens.

Emergencies aside, I hope this heartwarming video cheers up your Friday!

Pool repairman saves drowning squirrel with CPR

Source: Fox31

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