A List of iPad Apps for Doctors, Patients and Med Students

by Paul Martin -

The iPad has changed a lot in the world since it was announced nearly two years ago.  It’s made it into the education system in many places, and has found its’ way into hospitals as well.  We’ve collected some of the best iPad Apps for Doctors, Patients and Med Students.  We’ll be expanding this list as we find more applications.  Let us know if we’re missing any that you use.

1. Interactive Anatomy

The NOVA Series Collection
Pocket Body
Skeletal System
Visible Body

2. EMH Records

iChart EMR
Nimble EMR

3. Radiology

Mobile MIM

4. Educational


5. Assistive Technology



  1. Luis

    A very good application is Pediatric Support. It is an application aimed at health professionals. Its objective is to facilitate the handling of an emergency situation involving a child.

    Prevents errors and lost time to attend a pediatric emergency.

    Very useful for health professionals.

    Website support http://www.acform.es

    Also available for Android

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