30 minutes with video as effective as 3 to 4 HOURS in class?

by Paul Martin -

A study has just come out of UT Southwester Medical Center that shows how solid of a program ProCPR is. According to Ivanhoe’s Medical Breakthroughs: You can Learn CPR Quickly:

Their new study reveals 30 minutes in a video-based class is just as effective as taking a three- to four-hour course at teaching basic life-saving techniques. Researchers report six months after training, those who took the shorter course could perform CPR just as well or better than those who took the longer course.

These findings were verified by the chief of emergency medicine at UT Southwestern, Paul Pepe, M.D.

“The results of this formal investigation should not only facilitate more widespread training and frequent re-training in CPR techniques, but it also diminishes some of the inefficiencies and labor-intensity inherent in traditional CPR training.”

Something that we’ve been advocating for years and it is about time that there are studies that have shown just what we’ve been saying for so long. Using ProCPR is much quicker than the old means of recertification, and you can watch and rewatch the videos that we’ve created as many times as you desire. We’ve got more videos in the planning stages and are dedicated to providing you with the best training available, and this study only shows that we’re on the right track, and that you can’t go wrong with learning via video on our website.


  1. virginia madayag katz

    i found this way of recertifying very convenient that fits my working schedules like everyone,i will con’t to use this program as long as it is allowed and meet the criterias.a million thanks to whoever created this
    program,you are a life/job saver,

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