3 Weekend Tips for Losing Weight

by Elizabeth Shaw -


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I know it’s easy to eat more on the weekends; you spend more time at home, with friends, and that’s when all the snacks that are not at all good for you come out. However, follow these easy tips, and keep yourself on track with a healthy week to come.

1) Split the snacks you’re going to bring to work into portions: You can buy small boxes of cereal or small bags of chips, but they’re more expensive than just buying big bags of snacks and putting them into small bags on the weekend before you start your week. Also, if you have little bags of snacks you can munch from, you’ll be less likely to get the junk food from the vending machine.

2) Hard-boil a dozen eggs: Eat 2 eggs and a piece of fruit, and this makes for a perfect weight loss breakfast! And, you can save time by boiling a dozen eggs on the weekend so that you’re all ready for the week ahead and so that you’re not tempted to grab something quick that’s isn’t good for you.

3) Chop those veggies up!: Pre-cut red peppers and cucumbers to keep you from the temptation of chips and dip. Chop them up on Sunday so that they’re fresh and ready when you dive in your fridge for an after-work snack. It’s ok to eat if your’e hungry, just make sure it’s something healthy.

Source: Women’s Health Magazine 


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